We are pleased with your interest in our company, collections, prices or “whatever”… in our philosophy !

The fact is that we didn’t want to go “online”… on the web… world wide web… But in the end, after 10 years we putted now some of our ideas online. Hope you like it?

Our philosophy is that we are love nature and his beauty. In our collections only nature depend the beauty of our products and collections… this –by the way- has nothing to do with ecology! It’s just that we work with the beauty “nature” creates… The weathered antique looks of our products is our trademark. Neihter you, nor we can depend how our products will look like in 1 year or after 10 years. It is the nature itself that will define how the weather influences will give beauty to the zinc or Corten steel surface from our products.

That is important to know and also important to understand…

What also important is, is that we would like to get to know you a bit better before we can do business! We want to get in touch and the best way would be a face to face conversation…
So please take a moment to send us also some information about your company.

We would be glad to work “face to face” with our “customer friends” instead of just sending out some impersonal writings or information.

In the end we will always reply to your e-mail as soon as we can … BUT please take into account that we sleep, eat, drink, chill and work…

Have a nice day and create something great!